Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Bonnie Speer Creme de la Creme Award

The Bonnie Speer Creme de la Creme Award goes to the highest scoring entry in any of the six categories of the annual contest in the Norman Galaxy of Writers. The prize was first given in 2001, and below are the winners with the name of their entry and category to date.

2001  Anne Champeau
          Veteran's Day at the Vietnam Memorial, nonfiction

2002  Stan Solloway
          The Iron, Short Story

2003  Frances Searcey
          The New Student, Nostalgic Essay

2004  Robert Ferrier
          A Certain Age, Poem

2005  Vickey Kennedy
           The Aristocrat, Short Story

2006  David J. Jeffery
          Poem Envy, Rhymed Poetry

2007 Frances Searcey
         The Box-Seat Witness, Short Story

2008  Mark Hardick
          The Last Indian War, Short Story

2009  Keith Eaton
          Pals in the Golden West, Nostalgic Essay

2010  Dion Mayes-Burnett
          White Roses, Short Story

2011  Ruth Castillo
          Dorothy Dayton Jones: The Dolly Smith Days, Non-Fiction Article

2012  Shelly Anne Richter
          Harold's Helper, Unrhymed Poetry

2013  Lisbeth L. McCarty
          At Night, I Dreamed of Heaven, Nostalgic Essay

2014   Neal Huffaker
           Into Darkness, Nostalgic Essay

2015  Sylvia Forbes
          Tales from the Swamp, Nostalgic Essay

2016  Barbara Shepherd
          Daffodil Waltz, Short Story

2017 Barbara Shepherd
         Octavia's Secret, Short Story